Dang! That Was Heavy!

Well I finally made another strength goal!  400lbs for dead lift.  I was actually scared.  I was praying that my knees, back, hips, etc hold up.  My wife was recording me.  She was scared too.  lol

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Finally! #400 lbs. #nevergiveup

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How to prepare for a ski season: top 10 tips

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Trail 27


Some say it’s a drinking club with a ski problem, a natural extension of uni life, or part of the infamous gap yah; that thing you do before you go home and get a real job. For others, the ski season was always meant to be a one time thing. Then the mountains held on for another year, then another two, and today they’re still convincing themselves that the next one will be the last one.

Either way, the reality of the ski season is slightly different. You work hard for little money, whilst dreaming with ol’ mate about that old shack you could turn into a bar or a chalet. Some days are a slog, people, but HEY, you’re living and working in the frickin mountains!

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, prepping to head out to the hills is where your season starts. There can be an…

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I’ve been working hard to become stronger. Overall, I feel the amount I deadlift is a good marker.  Here’s me today setting a new PB. 365lbs. Looked pretty easy, right?  400lbs is on the horizon. 

Been A While

It’s been almost 2 months since I last made an entry.  It’s not that I’ve been too busy, or couldn’t come up with something to talk about, but rather I’ve sort of turned on myself more than ever. It’s been a struggle to not let my depression affect my wife and kids. That has been my main goal as of late. 

Nevertheless, I’ve been at the gym quite a bit (both BJJ and fitness center).  Let’s see, where to start…  Well I’m fat as shit. I haven’t had the will power to stop eating. It takes every ounce of my being to workout hard enough so I don’t end up on “My 600lbs Life”. I started a new exercise routine that has a lot of heavy lifting. Mixing it up with high intensity cardio had been pretty good.  I can honestly say that my muscles are completely spent by the time my 90min is up.  The first week I was sore as fuck. That’s to be expected though. For the last year or two, my workouts have been of a lighter weight, more reps in nature.

On the mats quite a bit has happened.  Let’s see…  I’ve been attending more classes. Or at least as many as I can. I’ve been to a seminar with world champion Jaoa Assis. That was great. I learned so much, and I’ve already successfully implemented it in to my gi game. A couple of weeks ago I got the 4th stripe on my blue belt.  That’s exciting, right?  I don’t k ow if I deserve it, but it happened. Rolling has been pretty good. I seem to be moving a bit better.  I wish my bottom game would improve. I try so hard down there, but always seem to get stuck. Oh well, I’ll keep plugging away.  I’m sort of thinking about competing again… We’ll see…

Oh ya, a Whistler trip has been booked for early January. I hope to go. 🙂

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