Goals, Goals, Goals…

I wonder what percentage of people never reach the goals that they set for themselves?  I bet it’s pretty high.  I actually hope it’s high.  That way I don’t feel like as much of a dildo for not even coming close to my physical goals.  It makes me want to scream!  Arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fat fuck!

I’ve been doing several different workouts lately.  Some weights, some TRX, some kettlebells, some spin classes, some Muay Thai, some BJJ, etc, etc…  The body is willing but the flesh is weak.  Very weak.  I don’t think it would be possible for me to work out any harder then I do.  Oh well..  I’ll keep pluggin’ away.

The end

I Let Myself Down

I skipped BJJ last night.  Of course, today I feel like a bag of shit for doing so.  It’s funny how easy it is to justify skipping when you’ve spent the day at work and you’re tired, only to spend the next day cursing yourself for being such a pussy.  Anyways… I’ll have to wait until Monday now to train.

I’ve been thinking about changing up my workout at the gym.  I’m tired of the traditional weight lifting.  Although I do like the feeling of being strong.  I’d like to add TRX Suspension training into the mix.  I’m not really sure how to make a routine or what exercises to do as I’ve never even touched one.  Any recommendations/tips?  I still want to keep some heavy deadlifts and squats (if my knees ever settle down) in my overall plan, but I’m thinking a kettlebell workout 1 day, a TRX workout another day, and a squat/deadlift workout for a 3rd day…  What do you think?

The end

Back On The Naproxen

My knee really swelled up while I was away skiing. So much so, that I could only bend it about 90 degrees. That didn’t stop me. I still blasted down the mountain time and time again.

I took a bit of time to rest it after I got back, but the swelling hasn’t subsided much. I decide to go to BJJ last night to see how it would hold up. I hadn’t been since before the new year, so I was itching to get back on the mats.

Class was small. Only 3 of us. As soon as I started working some Lockflows, I could feel the pressure from the swelling. I tried to ignore it. I did some tentative takedown matches, some guard passing/retention matches, and had a couple of full rolls. Today it was quite sore. So, I made a conscious decision to get back on the naproxen. I’ll go hard on it for a bit and see if that helps. 🙂

The end

Thursday Night Martial Arts

Rafael Lovato Jr - Guard Mastery
Rafael Lovato Jr – Guard Mastery

Last night I covered the BJJ class.  Mike was away on a seminar.  Every time I agree to cover, I get all stressed out.  There are several reasons that contribute to this.  1: I don’t think anyone will show up because I suck the D at BJJ and don’t know what I’m doing.  2: If people do show up, they expect a good class and I suck the D at BJJ so they probably won’t get what they’re looking for.  3: If new people come to class, they will see how much I suck the D at BJJ and won’t come back.  4: People will complain to Mike about how much I suck the D at BJJ.

Well, 3 people showed for class.  Wes (blue belt), Mitch (white belt), and Murray (white belt).  I had decided that I wanted to work on some stuff that I’ve been watching lately.  I think I have all of Rafael Lovato Jr’s instructionals.  I really like his teachings.  He explains stuff very well and he shows stuff that really works.  It may n0t be the newest, most fancy techniques, but it’s all proven.  That’s what I want.  Stuff that works.  I decided to work on the first part of his Guard Mastery series.

Now I’ve watched it several times and even tried a few things in rolling (with varying success), but this was the first time that I was able to drill it.  We did:

Xande Sweep
Xande Sweep to Back (pulling opponent to you)
Xande Sweep to Back (climbing up)
Xande Sweep to Back to Arm bar
Xande Sweep to Back to Arm bar (opponent defends, roll to arm bar)

It worked out ok.  I was actually surprised how well the newer guys picked it up.  They had a little trouble with the arm bar roll, but all in all, it was a success.  We ended the class with some rolling.  I decided that the white belts couldn’t roll each other.  They had to go against the blues.  It was good.  I’ve mentioned before that I like letting them get me in to bad spots and then work my way out.

Oh ya.  I also finally got to try out my new BJJ Globetrotter, super light weight, travel gi.  It was awesome.  So light.  It’s like I was rolling around with sweaty men while not wearing anything at all…

After BJJ I decided to stay for the Muay Thai class.  It was sort of… strange…  lol.  The class didn’t really consist of a lot of Muay Thai.  Mostly conditioning.  There was only 2 rounds on the pads and a couple of quick sparring rounds.  The rest was warm up and conditioning.  Well, whatever.  Everyone has a different teaching style.  Personally, I like to focus on Muay Thai during Muay Thai class, but that’s just me.  A good workout nonetheless.

The end.

Shoulder Health in BJJ

Great read! I’m going through some pretty serious should pain at the moment. I know I must have injured it either lifting weights or on the mats. You know what aggravates it the most? The way I sleep. I wake up in agony from lying on it.

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Karl Green Sports Therapy

The shoulder is a common problem area in jiu jitsu. From general, non-specific aches after a long week of training to more serious injuries such as rotator cuff tears, it isn’t unusual to see multiple students on any given class with shoulder complaints. The causes can also be very diverse and aren’t limited to shoulder based submissions; day to day posture and your strength and conditioning routine can all contribute to the problem.

In this post, I’m going to cover some basic methods to avoid or minimise the risk of sustaining a shoulder injury when you’re on the mat.


  • Correct your posture

In my previous post on neck injuries, I touched on correcting poor posture to save the neck. The typical posture I am referring to is known as Upper Cross syndrome, where the shoulders are protracted forwards and internally rotated, the upper back is excessively kyphotic (slumped forwards)…

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