Goals / Bucket List

Make it to 40 July 2, 2014
Be a happy man
BJJ Purple Belt September 30, 2015
BJJ Brown Belt
BJJ Black Belt
Compete at Masters / Seniors world championships
Muay Thai training in Thailand
Ski in South America
Ski in Australia / New Zealand
Ski in Europe
Ski in Asia
Ski in Alaska
CSIA Level 4
2 full sleeve tattoos: left arm skiing theme right arm Muay Thai / BJJ theme
Be healthy
Deadlift 315lbs August 23, 2014
Deadlift 400lbs December 13, 2014
Squat 315lbs
Bench Press 275lbs
Bench Press 315lbs

7 thoughts on “Goals / Bucket List”

  1. good to see you’ve got NZ on your list – some great skiing on our side of the world. Lots of European ski teams go to Queenstown for off season training. Beautiful scenery and plenty of other activities to do too. You’ll get there one day I’m sure.

  2. You could work the season in the Alps. You could also spend a season skiing through the Alps and still have a huge range of skiing to do in Europe: France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Norway, Spain … Scotland too, even Cyprus. Better still join a two week ski tour across the Alps. Good luck.

  3. Hey Anthony, I see you have “Muay Thai in Thailand” on your list. I will be there in January-March 2016 as part of my YoloBJJ World Tour 🙂 You should definitely buy a ticket and come on out. I will be training at Phuket Top Team, in Phuket. They have both BJJ and Muay Thai! I know you’re gonna think…I don’t have time…but, as I say, if you don’t take the time, the time will slip away! The you’ll be 75, old and tired trying to fill a bucket list….Come on! Let’s do it 🙂

    1. Haha. I’d love to! Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen (probably ever). It’s easy to say but hard to do sometimes. I have responsibilities (wife and kids), that I can’t just leave. I have given my family a life style that they are now used to. It’s not easy to take that time off and not make money. Unfortunately, it’s not about me anymore. Have fun though!

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