I literally don’t remember learning how to ski. The first time I went (so I’ve been told), I was 4 years old. Apparently I took to it right away. That first time, my father tried to teach me and my sister himself. He has told me that after that, he said “never again”. So for many years to follow, every Saturday and Sunday, you could find me in ski/racing lessons.

My first full season was at the tiny Sydenham ski hill. It was literally just a little bump. There was 1 t-bar and 2 rope tows if I recall. Lessons were run every Saturday by the local YMCA. The place closed years ago. In fact, I can’t even find any pictures of it through google images. I wish I could because I’d like to jog my memory of the place. I recall a little building at the “bottom”, but I think it was just a shack to change in to you ski boots. Whatever it was, the Sydenham Ski hill is my roots in the sport.

Downhill skiing has always been something more than just a past time or hobby for me.  I love it more than anything.  Normally I am a miserable piece of shit, but I feel so free and happy when I’m sliding down the mountain/hill.  I think about it 12 months of the year.  I don’t know why I feel so connected to it.  It’s the one thing that I was always “the best ” at.  I wasn’t good at much, so it was nice, when I was on the snow to know that people were looking at me as the “above standard”.  Unfortunately it’s all going to be coming to an end soon.  My knees hurt so much I have trouble walking.  Knee replacements and skiing don’t mix.  Especially the aggressive style of skiing that I have.


Ontario Canada

  • Calabogie Peaks
  • Mount Pakenham
  • Devil’s Elbow
  • Moonstone/Mt St Louis
  • Blue Mountain
  • Sydenham Ski Hill

Quebec Canada

  • Edelweiss Valley
  • Camp Fortune
  • Mont Saint Sauveur
  • Mont Blanc
  • Mont Tremblant
  • Mont Sutton
  • Owl’s Head

Alberta Canada

  • Lake Louise
  • Mt Norquay
  • Sunshine Village
  • Canada Olympic Park

British Columbia

  • Whistler
  • Panorama

United States

  • Big Tupper NY
  • Whiteface NY
  • Dry Hill NY
  • Jay Peak VT
  • Killington VT
  • Loon Mountain NH
  • Sierra at Tahoe CA
  • Heavenly CA
  • Squaw Valley CA
  • Kirkwood Mountain CA
  • Big Sky MT

7 thoughts on “Skiing”

  1. Thanks for the thumbs up on my weekly column “Snow Trax.” How did you ever find it?!

    Have you tried fish oil pills or glucosamine liquid? They have really helped out my knees!

    DG in NM

  2. I also love skiing very much. I still do – not as much as I used to. And not as fast as I used to. But I still love it. Thanks for visitng and liking my blog.

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