Good Luck Professor Mike


This weekend is the 2013 ADCC Worlds.  Grizzly Gym professor, Mike Martelle will be competing in the +99KG bracket.  It’s a pretty stacked event.  Unfortunately he has drawn Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau in the first round.  While you always want to have confidence in your professor, and assure him he is going to kick some ass, this particular draw makes it hard to keep that conviction in the encouragements.  lol.  I’m sure Mike would be the first one to express these sentiments.  Afterall, Mr. Abreau has been the gold medalist three years in a row.  Regardless of the outcome, Grizzly Gym will be cheering him on.  Everyone is proud of him.  Go kick Cyborg’s ass Mike… *yikes

No Rolling Around On The Ground With Sweaty Men This Week

This week there will be no BJJ classes at Grizzly Gym.  The Prof was asked to go to ADCC at the last-minute.  He’s in the 99+ KG group.  It’s going to be a tough one.  I’m not sure who dropped out, but they had him on the alternate list.  I guess there wasn’t enough time to get people to cover and such…  Good luck Mike Martelle!

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.  I forgot it…  Doh! Usually I don’t say anything and then give my wife flowers or a card and gift or something.  She always says “I thought you forgot.”  Last week I had planned to follow my usual routine, but I worked so much OT over the weekend, I completely forgot what day it was…  Anyways, hopefully the flowers sent to her work and a gift card to lululemon will make up for it.  😉