Tapped More Times Than A 5 Dollar Whore

No offence meant to you if you are indeed a 5 dollar whore…

Last evening I returned to my first full BJJ class since early June.  To be honest, I really didn’t want to go.  I still haven’t made up my mind if I want to continue with it.  It sort of seems like a waste of time to me.


  • Great full body workout
  • Get to roll around on the ground with sweaty men


  • I suck
  • I feel like shit after
  • I am old compared to everyone there
  • None of the people I train with are my friends
  • I have a really hard time (more than usual) sleeping at night after class
  • I suck

So class consisted of the usual 30 min of technique followed by rolling. For technique we concentrated on a new lockflow with various choke from back. It’s not too bad. Fortunately it didn’t require a whole lot of finesse because I have little of that crap. There was one pretty slick transition from back to front choke. We ended technique with some older lockflow review.

There were only 4 of us at class, so sparring consisted of 3 5 minute rounds. 1 round with everyone else. I didn’t expect too much out of myself. When you take time off, it takes a little while to get your flow back. At least, that’s the way it is for me. The first 2 matches I didn’t really do too much. I went for 1 triangle choke and 1 ankle lock. Other than that, I spent most of the time thinking about how many points am I up or down as if it was a tournament. Lame… The final match was a wash. In 5 min I was triangle choked 2 times, front choked 2 times, north south choked, and anaconda choked. I waited until I could feel that blackness overtaking me every time. That’s a lot of choking. Consequently my neck and shoulders are quite sore today.

triangle choke

Guns n’ Jits

Locker room fun 09/12/2013: As I bend over to tie shoes, naked man moves in front of me and starts thoroughly drying ass crack…

Yes that just happened to me. Lol

Yesterday I planned on making my return to BJJ. It was a scheduled day off from work. However, on full overtime pay, I went to an approved shooting range for some supervised pistol practice. It was a long day, but fun. I was shooting really well too. There’s nothing like seeing a close gripping of bullet holes in a paper target. I can tell
You right now, I will never shoot anyone. I’d rather take one myself than live with the feeling of killing someone.

The plan was to go straight from shooting practice, all smelling like gun powder, to Grizzly Gym for BJJ class. I got there just as my wife was finishing her Muay Thai class.

Now, yesterday was very humid with little to no air movement. As I stepped foot inside the gym, that old familiar smell of dirty, sweaty hard work hit me like a brick. Lol. It was rough. I felt like I needs to immediately have a shower. So I changed in to my gi and got to stretching. Like I’ve said, it had been since June, so I wanted to make sure the muscles got a good stretch. In all honesty, I didn’t want to be there. I was tired and unsure if it was really worth my time and effort to get back in to it. Well, I’m the only one that showed up. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t a statutory holiday. Then the man leading the class for the evening tells me that he injured his ribs and can’t roll or do anything hard. Lol. Ok… So I tell him that there’s no point in staying and let’s just go home. He says “No. I have some stuff to show you.” So I agree and we go to the mats.

What does he proceed to show me? De La Riva stuff. Now, as a short, fat, unskilled BJJ white belt, I have no business learning this stuff. It was apparent pretty fast that this wasn’t going in to my game. After about 15 min of me fumbling about like an idiot, we ended the pain and went home.

Lol. I knew I should have skipped it and just went to lift weights instead…

Get Motivated Sucka!

This week I have worked 42 hours of overtime.  That’s 42 hours on top of my regular schedule.  That’s a lot.  It hasn’t left any time for exercising.  It has also meant that I have had to eat and run quite a bit.  I haven’t been making the best choices.  Nothing really bad.  Lots of carbs and not much fruit and veggies.  I can feel it.  I have that dirty, fat feeling.  It’s like going to the gym every day cleanses me.  When I don’t go I feel dirty.

I need to really re-commit myself.  I want to be the guy that can grapple match after match until everyone else is tired.  I want to be the guy that can spar another round when everyone is done.  I want to be the guy that people watch in the gym because the workouts are crazy hard.  I want to be the guy that has no qualms about taking his shirt off at the beach.

It’s not like I’ve been off the exercising for months.  It’s only been about a week and a half.  However, I feels a lot longer.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the traditional heavy weight lifting, muscle-building routines for the last little bit.  I like it quite a bit, but I think a change may be due.  I am thinking about a 2 day weight lifting routine and then several circuit/body weight/interval training routines the rest of the week.  If I’m going to get back in to the BJJ, then I need a good combination of strength and cardio conditioning.

I know what to do and what to eat.  The question is, will I put what I know in to practice???

It’s Been a While.

I’m back I guess…

Not only did I delete all my blog posts back in June, but I haven’t been training at all.  Unhappiness and loneliness is a bitch.  I’ve kept up at the gym, but haven’t set foot in my Muay Thai/BJJ school.  I’m not sure if or when I will start back at BJJ.  I should be back to Muay Thai in a couple of weeks after school starts back up.  With the kids back at a regular schedule, it will be much easier.  As far as BJJ goes, I don’t know if I can make myself get back at it.  I just hate the fact that I suck so hard.  It seems like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t improve.

I have been working a lot of overtime this summer.  I had set a goal to get all my debt (minus mortgage and car payment) paid off by the end of August.  It looks like I have succeeded.  My final supplemental cheques won’t come until a couple of weeks of September, but the hours have been earned.  I really only had 1 week off this summer.  My wife and I arranged our schedules so that we were able to avoid paying for any daycare.  That’s a big expense we avoided.  It meant that we really didn’t get much time together as a family, but it will be worth it in the end I think.

Some fun news.  Last week I finalized the booking of a trip to Whistler in December.  There will be 10 of us going.  I only know a couple of the guys, but I am still really looking forward to the trip.  It’s been far too long since I skied at a real mountain.  I even bought a new pair of skis in anticipation.  LOL.  I know it’s only August, but it was a heck of a deal that I couldn’t pass up.