Muay Thai

I trained Muay Thai tonight for the first time in a really, REALLY long time. It sure showed.  It was expected, but I was still a little embarrassed.  My feet are raw and really hurt from pivoting. My calves are killing from being on the balls of my feet for an hour and a half.  Lol. Ughhhh!

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Jan 11-16 I was in Whistler BC.  An annual ski trip that I take with a group of… gentlemen.  The conditions were fabulous.  Tons of snow the first 2 days and then blue bird the last 2.  Here’s some pics.

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This Week in BJJ

This happened on Thursday.

Yes that’s the first stripe on my purple belt. I only got the gosh darn thing on September 30. Plus I was out for 2 months with the hip flexor injury. I feel like it came too fast. Oh well. Best just go with the flow I guess. I’ve been teaching a bit. I like it. I’m able to do more of what I want to work on. We have several new white belts, so I’m going to have to start planning 2 small lessons. I know it’s always good to work on basics, but the vets need new things to try/learn as well. It’s just another challenge. 🙂  I think there’s an art to teaching. I seem to be good at it. Probably because of my experience teaching skiing and Muay Thai.

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Off To A… Start

Well I guess it’s a new year.  I’m hoping it will be a good one. It’s starting out blah. I feel absolutely horrible both physically and mentally. I can’t stand being in my own fat ass body. Ughhh. So weak willed.  I’ve been working out really hard lately but that makes little difference when you constantly shovel food in to your mouth.

I haven’t done much BJJ in the last 2 weeks.  There just really hasn’t been much around with the Christmas holidays. I went to one open mat on Dec 28th.  That was a pretty good time. It was a small group. Nevertheless I got in some quality rolls.

(I’m front row left in the grey gi)

On January 11 I head out to Whistler for a week of skiing.  They’ve been getting hammered with snow this winter, so the skiing should be fabulous.  My head and inner self are making it hard for me to look forward to the trip.  I don’t really want to be around the men I’ll be on the trip with.  Honestly, I just want to be alone…  I’m sure I’ll have a good time once I get out there.  

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