VHTS (Very Hard To Submit) G1 Gi Review

VHTS (Very Hard To Submit)
VHTS (Very Hard To Submit)

So I won this gi in a lovely little Facebook contest from Grappling Industries.  I was very surprised.  I’ve never won a gi before.  Anywho…  I’ve worn and rolled in it now, and I thought I’d tell y’all about it.

This is the description of the gi on the VHTS website.

The VHTS Gi is born to give comfortable, soft and tailored like feeling while practicing and competing.
550G pearl weave 100% cotton pre-shrunk fabric
A label which you can write down your affiliation and name.
Ripstop single weave 100% cotton
Pre-shrunk fabric stretching round draw string
Gusset with pearl weave fabric the same
as the jacket material

I really like the look of this gi.  It’s crisp and clean with not too many logos or emblems.  It does however, have a cool little Bruce Lee quote on the pants.  Speaking of which, the pants are so comfortable.  Nice and light but really strong.  I don’t know if it’s part of the plan, but they seem to be pretty stain resistant.  You know, sweat and grime from your training partners.  Ewwww…  The crotch area is made of the same material at the jacket.  It seems really strong.  I don’t see it ripping.  The drawstring is a bit thick and cumbersome, but it hasn’t come undone on me yet.

The jacket is very soft.  It feels like I’ve been wearing for a few months.  Worked in right away (I hope no one else was wearing it).  The only issue I have with the jacket is the cut.  It seems to be… slim fit?  I got the correct size for my build, but it seems a tad bit tight across the shoulders.  This loosened up once I started sweating and got moving around.

I don’t really have any other cons to report.  Overall it’s a really quality gi.  Totally worth the money that they’re asking for it.  I’m glad to add it to my collection.  Here’s me choking a training partner in it.