Jan 11-16 I was in Whistler BC.  An annual ski trip that I take with a group of… gentlemen.  The conditions were fabulous.  Tons of snow the first 2 days and then blue bird the last 2.  Here’s some pics.

The end

Buyer’s Guides


I got my copy of the Powder, Freeskier, and Skiing magazines’ buyer’s guides…  I’m not even buying any new equipment this year.  lol.  Well, maybe a helmet.  I’ve never worn one.  I never felt the need to.  But now that I have a GoPro, I figured I might as well get one so I can get some good shots.  lol.

A Few Pictures

Messing around with my GoPro. Screenshots from a video I made last Thursday at Calabogie Peaks. I didn’t have any one to take pictures of me. I was all alone. Actually, in 35 years of skiing, this is the most picture of me that I have ever had. 🙂  The terrain was limited.  It’s been a weird winter.  The snow Gods giveth and then they taketh away.  It was REALLY cold this day as well.  Thank goodness for the sun!

Sorry for the poor skiing technique.  I was concentrating on trying to get good shots.

On The Chair
First run of the day
Some Speed
Going Fast
Pluggin’ My Gear
Relaxing Last Ride Up
Bit of Air
Getting A Little Air

2013’s Most Popular Video On Freskier.com

If you’re like me, you find yourself sitting around on a daily basis watching videos, or looking at pictures of things you want to do, rather than actually going out and doing them.  Here is one such video. Candide Thovex doing a little bit of what he does best!

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