October 7, 2013 Training Journal

Rolling with my buddy Ray
Rolling with my buddy Ray

Tonight’s BJJ was full of really useful stuff.  Well, every class is full of really useful stuff, but tonight’s was particularly useful for me.  🙂  We spent a lot of time drilling and only a little time sparring.  I was happy about this.  Lately it seems that the emphasis has been on the sparring.  That’s fine and all, in fact, I won’t ever complain about too much sparring, but it was a really nice change.  The topic of discussion for the day was half guard sweeps and a half guard failed sweep to triangle choke.

I like half guard a lot better than full guard.  I am not flexible and I suck at triangle chokes, so half guard for me is the best game when I’m on the bottom.  The first sweep we worked was “old school”.  I use this sweep a lot.  Especially with bigger stronger guys.  I find it easy to pull off, unless of course, the opponent knows and practices it as well.  The way we did it last night was slightly modified then the normal sweep.  It’s always a good idea to modify techniques so you can execute them several ways.

Next we did two different half butterfly kimura sweeps.  I did them well.  I’d done one several times before, but the other was new to me.  I’m always happy to learn new sweeps.  🙂

Finally we finished with the half guard sweep attempt to triangle choke.  It was hard for me because my hips don’t exactly move the best.  On the right side, I did well and my triangle was very tight.  With little effort I was getting a quick tap.  When I attempted it on the left, my knee popped again.  Dammit!  On that note, my Dr is sending me for x-rays and referring me to the orthopedic department… Ughhh… Here we go again.

I popped the knee back and didn’t do anymore on the left.  Once we started rolling, It was fine until I had PJ in butterfly guard.  He crowded me forcing the knees to bend as much as possible and it popped again.  At least I know that it’s happening when the thing bends too far.  There’s no swelling or pain now.  It’s all good… or as good as it can be I guess.  I hope it doesn’t pop when I do heavy squats tomorrow.