September 26, 2013 Training Journal

September 26, 2013

5 people at class tonight. The usuals plus one new guy. He has wrestling experience and he was a high school football player. It was his second BJJ class. I can say with confidence that when the light switch flips for him, he’s going to be good.

Lock flow #8 is coming along really well. It’s possibly my favorite. The final move was added at the end tonight; the Peruvian necktie. I have never attempted one in any match. It was new to me, and I felt a bit lost, but I’ll get it. I’m determined to make chokes my thing.

Speaking of making chokes my thing, the arm triangle was working well for me tonight. I managed to get 3 taps with it. I missed it one other time but that was due to rushing. I’m just going to keep it.

4 rounds of sparring tonight.

Round 1 Positives:
-Inexperienced opponent allowed me to focus on technique and really take my time
-Able to sweep bigger, stronger opponent with ease
-Good focus on setting up submissions rather than muscling them

Round 1 Negatives:
-A little sloppy on takedown defense

Round 2 Positives:
-Moving well
-Good sweeps and set ups
-Stayed relaxed and avoided danger

Round 2 Negatives:
-Tried to rush submissions a few times
-With a faster opponent went back to muscling sometimes

Round 3 Positives:
-Set up a prefect head and arm on a higher level opponent
-Stayed relaxed when in danger
-Only choked out twice

Round 3 Negatives:
-Rushed the Oma plata so opponent rolled out
-Waited to be attacked
-Tried too much to muscle a stronger opponent

Round 4 Positives:
-Moved from disadvantage to advantage well
-Double leg takedown was on
-Threatened several submissions

Round 4 Negatives:
-Very tired
-Rushed several submission attempts

When I focus on few rather than many things, I am able to execute my plan more effectively.

September 19, 2013 Training Journal

September 19, 2013

I had a good workout and stretch this morning, so I felt pretty loose and prepared for BJJ tonight. I have made a decision that I want to start focusing on chokes and different set ups for chokes. I don’t want to spread my focus too thin so I’ve decided that I will work towards either a side choke, or a triangle choke.

In the past I’ve tried to muscle these techniques rather use the fundamentals. I’ve come to realize that I can squeeze my balls of all day, but if I don’t have the proper position, it’s not going to work. So from now on, when I get in that dominant position, I will take my time and let the choke happen on its own.

Drills tonight consisted of several of the Grizzly Gym lock-flows. Numbers 2, 5, 6, and 7. So thee was lots of opportunity for me to practice the triangle, both from guard and mount. Also, number 7 has a side choke in it. Bonus!

You may have noticed that I reference the lock-flows quite a bit, but have never explained them. This is because my professor requested that I don’t disclose them. Their kind of the Grizzly Gym secret curriculum.

After drills we had some good 5 minute rolls.

Match 1 Positives:
I was moving very well
My defence was very good
Attempted a Americana and triangle choke
Attacked more

Match 1 Negatives:
Got caught in an around the head toe hold
Got caught in a triangle choke

Match 2 Positives:
Moved very well against a smaller and quicker opponent
Able to stay in dominant positions
Attacked the whole match

Match 2 Negatives:
Very tired at the end
Even though in was dominating, I could get the submission

Match 3 Positives:
Moved well
Passed to dominant positions
Escaped all submission attempts

Match 3 Negatives:
Couldn’t get the submission
Tried to use strength instead of leverage several times

One thing to take away
Even though I felt lost in several position, I remained calm and relaxed and kept moving.

Sept 16, 2013 Training Journal

September 16, 2013

Tonight there was only 2 of us at class.  I just got home and I am in PAIN. I was twisted and torqued in every possible way. My knee hurts, my ankle hurts, my elbow hurts, my neck hurts, etc, etc.

We started off class with the usual technique drilling. First we did lock-flow #8. I think I was doing it ok. The only part that was a little choppy was the side choke. I’ll keep working on it. Next we drilled guard passing. I didn’t do well.  I’ve never been good at passing guard.  I should video myself.  I probably look like a jackass.  LOL.  The other guy has a very tight guard. He is also very good at passing. Next we drilled lock flow #5. I feel very uncomfortable with it. Probably because it requires a lot of finesse and precision.  Both of which I have little.

Next we had take down matches for 3 min. My single and double leg takedowns sucked tonight. I’m not sure why.  usually I’m pretty good at them.  I got caught in guillotines every attempt. I only had 1 successful takedown.  It was some sort of a Ma sutemi-waza…

Next we drilled lock-flows #1 and #2. They are coming along nicely. They are very basic. Then we had a 5 minute match starting from knees. I can’t even count how any times I was submitted. We finished the drilling with lock-flow #7. That was my first time learning it due to my layoff.

Finally after all the drilling we finished with a full 5 minute BJJ match. I started out ok but eventually got caught in every choke and joint lock known to man. At one point we were playing the leg lock game and I was caught in a heel hook. I didn’t quite tap quickly enough. Consequently I felt my ankle pop and my quad tightened right up above the knee joint. I’m in pain right now. Hopefully it was just strained. I still finished the match.


  • Older lock-flows are working well
  • Made it to the end of class


  • Defence was horrible
  • Wasn’t able to be aggressive and attack
  • Poor technique for single and double leg takedowns
  • Couldn’t see the most basic attacks coming at me

One thing to take away

Keep working on posture and positioning. Submissions will come with good position control.