I’ve been working hard to become stronger. Overall, I feel the amount I deadlift is a good marker.  Here’s me today setting a new PB. 365lbs. Looked pretty easy, right?  400lbs is on the horizon. 

Stupid Weight Lifting

Not really…  It’s been probably about 2 months since I have lifted a heavy weight.  I started back on Boxing Day.  I want to put on a bit of muscle.  My legs hurt so much, sitting on the toilet is agony.  I may not take a dump until this is over.  My lats are so sore that lifting my arms to apply deodorant makes me wince…  I can’t imagine playing BJJ while I’m in this much discomfort.  I may be bound up and smelly for a few days.

Get Motivated Sucka!

This week I have worked 42 hours of overtime.  That’s 42 hours on top of my regular schedule.  That’s a lot.  It hasn’t left any time for exercising.  It has also meant that I have had to eat and run quite a bit.  I haven’t been making the best choices.  Nothing really bad.  Lots of carbs and not much fruit and veggies.  I can feel it.  I have that dirty, fat feeling.  It’s like going to the gym every day cleanses me.  When I don’t go I feel dirty.

I need to really re-commit myself.  I want to be the guy that can grapple match after match until everyone else is tired.  I want to be the guy that can spar another round when everyone is done.  I want to be the guy that people watch in the gym because the workouts are crazy hard.  I want to be the guy that has no qualms about taking his shirt off at the beach.

It’s not like I’ve been off the exercising for months.  It’s only been about a week and a half.  However, I feels a lot longer.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the traditional heavy weight lifting, muscle-building routines for the last little bit.  I like it quite a bit, but I think a change may be due.  I am thinking about a 2 day weight lifting routine and then several circuit/body weight/interval training routines the rest of the week.  If I’m going to get back in to the BJJ, then I need a good combination of strength and cardio conditioning.

I know what to do and what to eat.  The question is, will I put what I know in to practice???