Made It Twice This Week

As the title suggests, I made it to two BJJ classes this week. Last night I tested the hip/groin out by rolling a little harder.  To this point, I’d been going very, very light. I’m happy to say that it held up with less pain. I’m still going to physio and I do still have pain, so I’m still being cautious. However, it’s nice to see that faint light at the end of the tunnel. ūüôā

The end

Journal Entry: The Cobra Hold

May 14, 2014

There was a good mixture of skill levels at BJJ tonight. 7 souls in total. 3!blue belts (myself included), 2 seasoned white belts, and 2 newbs. We started off class with Lockflow 12. I seem to flow it pretty nicely. I need to focus on smoothing out the transition from the triangle choke to the shoulder lock. We also practiced Lockflows 10 and 8. They are pretty good.

Rolling was fun. I tried to work on shutting down the speed of the smaller man in roll one. I used my weight and strength advantage to guide him in to advantageous positions. It worked ok and I finished a nice head and arm choke.

Roll 2 I tried to focus on feeling where my opponent wanted to guide me. I tried to feel his center of gravity and his momentum. I was able to finish a “cobra hold” from top half guard!¬† He seemed pretty impressed and surprised. He’s a lot better than me, so any time I get the tap, it feels good. The “cobra hold” is above…¬† It’s very painful hold. The rest of the roll was ok.¬† I got caught in a couple of strangles, but defended well against the leg attacks.

Roll 3 I had my way with a white belt.  I worked at trying to move my hips.  I started from disadvantage and visualized my way from escape, to position, to submission.  It worked quite well.  I made a couple technical errors, but finished all but one submissions I wanted.

My final roll was with a high level white belt.¬† I was pretty tired.¬† I wanted to take a break but he didn‚Äôt have an opponent so I went in.¬† I spent most of my time in¬† disadvantaged position.¬† I worked to breath and relax and wait for my moment to explode and sweep or reverse position.¬† I had several sweeps from side control and several from bottom half.¬† I was too tired to work for submissions.¬† lol¬† He did a pretty good job of setting up guillotines and anacondas, but ultimately couldn‚Äôt finish them on me.¬† I made fun of him for that.¬† ūüôā

Even though it was a good night and I was fairly happy with my flows, I couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t want to be there.¬† I’m just not motivated…

The end.

Them’s Some Fancy Moves

Tuesday night BJJ was a little different.¬† I don’t often attend Sean’s class.¬† Not because I don’t want to go or anything, but because typically, Tuesday is busy with the kids sports or the Mrs is working out and I have to stay home and make dinner and such.¬† But I had nothing going on last night so I decided to attend.¬† There weren’t many in class.¬† Just 4 eager souls.¬†

Sean has taken it upon himself to create his own lock flow.  It has a lot of really interesting techniques in it.  Stuff that I have never seen before.  I think he put a lot of effort and creativity in to it.  Included are a crucifix, wrist locks, leg scissors, and a calf crank from the truck.  Good stuff!

Class ended with each person picking a position that they wanted to work on.  The object was, you started in that position and if you were able to better your position or get a submission from there, the round ended.  If your partner was able to better their position of get a submission, the round ended.  It was fun.  One guy chose to start having his back attacked.  I tricked him by switching from the classic RNC attack to a full nelson.  Lol.

Sean chose to start from being mounted in a head¬†and arm choke.¬† I saw that the other guys were trying finish the choke by using their head and neck to try to¬†apply the pressure¬†on Sean’s carotid.¬† I made a quick mention to¬†them about flattening out more and using¬†their own shoulder or upper chest to apply the pressure.¬† I know why¬†Sean picked that position.¬† I have a pretty¬†good arm triangle.¬† I have spent a lot of time working on it.¬† LOL.¬† He’s always trying to figure out ways to get out of bad spots like any good Jiu¬†Jitsu¬†fighter.¬† So far, including last night, he hasn’t figured a way out of mine.¬† ūüėČ

I chose north/south.¬† My goal was to either make enough space that I could spin around in to half guard and come up to attack, or bring my legs and hips up over my head and try to take the back.¬† I was successful with the first, but couldn’t figure out the latter.¬† All in all, it was a good time.

Good Luck Professor Mike


This weekend is the 2013¬†ADCC Worlds.¬† Grizzly Gym professor, Mike Martelle¬†will be competing in the +99KG bracket.¬† It’s a pretty stacked event.¬† Unfortunately he has drawn Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau in the first round.¬† While you always want to have confidence in your¬†professor, and assure him he is going to kick some ass, this particular draw makes it hard to keep that conviction in the encouragements.¬† lol.¬† I’m sure Mike would be the first one to express these sentiments.¬† Afterall, Mr. Abreau has been the gold medalist three years in a row.¬† Regardless of the outcome, Grizzly Gym will be cheering him on.¬† Everyone is proud of him.¬† Go kick Cyborg’s ass Mike… *yikes