That Old Familiar Feeling & Jonesin’ For A Ride

It’s kind of funny having a blog about multiple topics.  I mean, I know that it is about me and my thoughts, but thinking of things to write about when I have multiple topics is a bit distracting.  What I mean is, I write about one BJJ and I have skiing on my mind.  Or I write about skiing and I have new submissions I’d like to try on my mind.  I think I may be a little ADD…

January 6, 2013 Training Journal

We started BJJ class with a new lockflow containing several new techniques (to me).  I like them.  Particularly a single leg pick up to overhead slam.  I know I will never use this in competition, but I still really like it.  One area of concern to me was my transitioning from side control to knee on belly.  I’ve never been very good at it.  I just can’t hop up fluidly like one should.  At least this will force me to practice it.  We also did a little reviewing of an older lockflow.  I really like doing something that I am good at after learning something new.  Makes me feel good about the whole learning process.


Round 1

  • I was moving fairly well
  • I was able to anticipate the attacks of my opponent well
  • I had a few reversals/sweeps
  • Spent a bit too much time muscling my way through the match
  • I could have been infinitely more aggressive instead of defensive
  • I tapped to a toe hold without trying defend, not playing with those right now

Round 2

  • Kind of stuck in guard
  • I was very defensive
  • Didn’t get any submission attempts in
  • Opponent had me off-balance most of the time
  • Defended all submission attempts
  • Although they were ugly, I had a couple of reversals/sweeps

Round 3

  • I was able to pass guard well
  • I was on the offensive most of the time
  • I was able to trap/isolate the arm several times
  • I had several effective fakes which led to a head and arm choke submission

During the second half of round 3, I was working on sweeping from guard and my knee popped.  I stopped immediately to try to remedy the situation.  Basically what I do is force myself to straighten it all the way.  Eventually I feel the clunk and it resets.  There is an immediate relief from the pain.  I hope the Dr calls soon.  I need to get that cartilage fixed ASAP!

One thing to take away

I need to start focusing on passing guard.  I get stuck there way too often.



Since I returned from Whistler, all I can think about is the mountains.  I am totally preoccupied with them.  From looking at new ski gear, to searching for ways to make more money to allow more trips, to looking for affordable homes in my favourite skiing destinations…

Its kind of funny that my knees are all fucked up, but I still want to be out there taking face shots of fresh powder.  I’d really like to get in to ski touring.  However, living in the flat part of the country doesn’t make this easy.  I’ve done a little looking around for areas within a reasonable distance from me.  Maybe…

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