Jiu-jitsu is for Everyone

“Jiu-jitsu is for everyone…”Leticia Ribeiro Black Belt Corner with Leticia Ribeiro from Powered by She

You may or may not know this about me, but I have a very low opinion of myself.  Often times I want to quit things that like because I am not good at them.  Jiu-Jitsu for example.  I am an atrocious blue belt.  I know that.  I have to force myself to have fun at times.  It doesn’t help when I read things like Leticia Ribeiro getting her blue belt in 3 months (mine took about 5 years), or Kit Dale getting his BLACK in 4 years.  And these people are proven, legit badasses in the sport.  I realize that these people are the exception and not the rule.  It’s hard not to be jealous when I should have a much better understanding of Jiu Jitsu then I do…  All I can do is keep plugging away and focus on the quote above.


5 thoughts on “Jiu-jitsu is for Everyone”

  1. I am right there with you. For me, one of the hardest things, nearly impossible really, is to not judge myself against others. It leads to thinking that others are judging you when they really aren’t. I try to remember the definition of true nobility – be better today than you were yesterday. Gambatte, brother.

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