Well…That Looks Disgusting

The surgery I had yesterday was relatively simple. I had torn meniscus, it needed to be removed. The tear was stopping my knee from tracking properly and as a consequence, it was “popping” out of place. Especially while training Jiu Jitsu.

Seems every time I would roll, I’d have to stop, or hang on to make little breaks in the action to “clunk” It back in to place. Not ideal. It’s kind of funny. Aside from the knee locking, it really gave me very little pain. The other knee, the one riddled with arthritis, is the one that pains me 24/7. And now it seems that I’m relying on it as I hobble around the house.

I took the main bandage off today because I needed to shower. The dog has been following me around trying to lick at the bandage, so I assume that means that it doesn’t smell good. The knee looks disgusting under it. Not the incisions themselves, ( all are still oozing blood), but the entire joint. It is disgustingly odd shaped. There are parts that are completely numb to the touch. They are bluish white and feel like rubber. The knee make a disgusting squishy noise when I move it. It reminds me of my stomach growling when I am really hungry or I have the shits. I know it’s only been 24 hours, but I was hoping it would look a little better than it does.

Well I’m off for a walk around the block. I can’t just sit here all day. I’ve got to move. Get things going. Keep the muscles working. Then… ice…

5 thoughts on “Well…That Looks Disgusting”

    1. Ya. I’ve had it twice before as well. I just don’t remember it looking/sounding so gross. 🙂

  1. Haha I love disgusting medical stuff…. It helps that’s what I do for a living I guess. Hope you’re feeling better my friend! Recover swiftly so you can roll happy!

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