October 23, 2013 Training Journal

October 23, 2013

Good BJJ training tonight at Grizzly Gym. Class started with some basic drilling. We practiced several lock flows.

Lock flow #1
I really took my time throughout the whole routine. During the double leg, I concentrated on keeping my head up and tight to avoid the guillotine choke. During the arm lock routines, I focused on keeping the arm trapped. Because of this, the techniques flowed much better.

Lock flow #5
I was helping a newbie who had never tried leg locks. It was good to explain aloud as I was performing the techniques because it forced me to keep everything nice and tight.

Lock flow #4
I really like this flow. I feel like several of the techniques play right in to my game. I worked on keeping angles during the kimura so I didn’t have to use as much muscle.

Several good matches. I started every match by getting in to it right away. I locked up, pulled guard and immediately worked for sweeps or submissions. It worked very well. I got several good sweeps (kimura sweep, old school, scissor sweep) and several submissions (rolling guillotine, arm bar, Russian scarecrow, banana split). I almost had an arm bar on Sean and then started to transition to a omoplata but the buzzer sounded. All in all it was a good night.

Practicing the techniques slowly and being meticulous is paying off.

2 thoughts on “October 23, 2013 Training Journal”

  1. I read this book, Sharpening The Warriors Edge. It is about the science behind survival. In it, they discuss how very important it is to practice the technique slowly and with little resistance at first, then building up to more resistance. science has proven, that if you do not learn/understnd the technique within 25 trys, you will not be able to utilize that technique in combat. And, if you train the technique quicly with resistance, for the first several attempts, there is very little success you will be able to learn the technique.

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