Helmets Are For POV Cameras

In 34 seasons of skiing, I have worn a helmet for exactly 3 runs. I’ve never felt the need. I’ve had some pretty spectacular crashes in my lifetime, and not once have I smacked my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t wear them. I’m just saying that the recent trend of resorts on the verge of forcing skiers to wear them, isn’t for me… Or is it?

During the 1998/99 ski season I was working and living in Lake Louise Alberta. One of my roommates worked in the resort ski shop. Now, there was a lot of thievery that went on in that little shop. As I understood it then, inventory was not closely watched. Basically, if you needed a piece of equipment, it could be obtained from a staff member at a drastically discounted price. One day my friend told me that they just got in some new, top of the line helmets (I can’t remember the brand), and that they were selling really fast. He told me that I could have one for $30. What the hell I figured. So I got one.

The day after getting the helmet, I flew to California to ski the Tahoe area. Day 1 was at Kirkwood. I wore the helmet for 3 runs. I hated it. I felt so trapped. It was like my peripheral vision was reduced. Hell, maybe it was too big for me, I don’t know. Anyways, after the 3rd run I dropped it in a garbage can at the bottom. Lol. I had no interest at all. Looking back, I suppose I could have taken it back to Louise with me and had my friend return it to the rack.

Fast forward to 2014/15 season. I am seriously thinking of getting a helmet. Here’s the top 2 reasons why:

1. I have a GoPro and the chestie mount just isn’t stable enough for good video.
2. I listen to music all the time now while skiing and there are plenty of helmets that have head phones built right in.

Safety? BAAHHHH! Helmets are for POV cameras! What is very likely, is now that I have spoken this aloud, I am sure I will bang my head…

The end

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