A Good Ole Sweaty Time

Some young ladies were laughing at me today when I was stretching.  I was doing hip rotations at the time.  I am sure I looked a little goofy.  I really emphasize the movement because I am trying to reduce pain in my lower extremities by making sure they are properly warmed up and stretched before I workout.  I couldn’t help but think, “We’ll see how you laugh when you’re 40 and you’ve been carrying all that blubber around.”  I know it was mean to think that, but I’m an asshole…

Anywho…  Workout today was quick and to the point. 

Step 1: Cycling for 20 minutes at 100rpms.

Step 2: The first half of this workout.

Step 3: 10, 1 minute rounds alternating between weighted punches and throwing Muay Thai knees on the bosu ball. NO REST between rounds.

Step 4: 30 crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 30 v-ups, 20 straight leg sit ups, 15 side leg lifts each side, 10 side plank ups each side, 50 Russian twists.

I definitely had to change my undies after that one…

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