Them’s Some Fancy Moves

Tuesday night BJJ was a little different.  I don’t often attend Sean’s class.  Not because I don’t want to go or anything, but because typically, Tuesday is busy with the kids sports or the Mrs is working out and I have to stay home and make dinner and such.  But I had nothing going on last night so I decided to attend.  There weren’t many in class.  Just 4 eager souls. 

Sean has taken it upon himself to create his own lock flow.  It has a lot of really interesting techniques in it.  Stuff that I have never seen before.  I think he put a lot of effort and creativity in to it.  Included are a crucifix, wrist locks, leg scissors, and a calf crank from the truck.  Good stuff!

Class ended with each person picking a position that they wanted to work on.  The object was, you started in that position and if you were able to better your position or get a submission from there, the round ended.  If your partner was able to better their position of get a submission, the round ended.  It was fun.  One guy chose to start having his back attacked.  I tricked him by switching from the classic RNC attack to a full nelson.  Lol.

Sean chose to start from being mounted in a head and arm choke.  I saw that the other guys were trying finish the choke by using their head and neck to try to apply the pressure on Sean’s carotid.  I made a quick mention to them about flattening out more and using their own shoulder or upper chest to apply the pressure.  I know why Sean picked that position.  I have a pretty good arm triangle.  I have spent a lot of time working on it.  LOL.  He’s always trying to figure out ways to get out of bad spots like any good Jiu Jitsu fighter.  So far, including last night, he hasn’t figured a way out of mine.  😉

I chose north/south.  My goal was to either make enough space that I could spin around in to half guard and come up to attack, or bring my legs and hips up over my head and try to take the back.  I was successful with the first, but couldn’t figure out the latter.  All in all, it was a good time.

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